Fluid Dynamics

1498731644589300909The motions of water in the ocean and air in the atmosphere are governed by the laws of fluid dynamics. Our group is particularly interested in geophysical fluid dynamics, the branch of fluid dynamics that studies the dynamics of rotating fluids with variations in density. We investigate the fundamentals of geophysical fluid dynamics to better understand the circulation of the ocean and atmosphere. We are primarily interested in the fundamentals of turbulence, the holy grail of fluid dynamics. We have worked on dispersion of tracers in turbulent flows, the transition of turbulence from large scales dominated by rotation to small scales where stratification dominates. We have also contributed to developing new theories to explore the interactions between turbulent eddies and the large-scale flows. Please check some of our papers.

Working on this theme: Andre Souza, Gregory Wagner.

Previously working on this theme: Malte Jansen, Ali Mashayek.