The LatMix Summer Campaign: Submesoscale Stirring in the Upper Ocean.

(Shcherbina, Andrey Y. and Sundermeyer, Miles A. and Kunze, Eric and D’Asaro, Eric and Badin, Gualtiero and Birch, Daniel and Brunner-Suzuki, Anne-Marie E. and Callies, Jörn and Kuebel Cervantes, Brandy T. and Claret, Mariona and Concannon, Brian and Early, Jeffrey and Ferrari, Raffaele and Goodman, Louis and Harcourt, Ramsey R. and Klymak, Jody M. and Lee, Craig M. and Lelong, M.-Pascale and Levine, Murray D. and Lien, Ren-Chieh and Mahadevan, Amala and McWilliams, James C. and Molemaker, Jeroen M. and Mukherjee, Sonaljit and Nash, Jonathan D. and Özgökmen, Tamay and Pierce, Stephen D. and Ramachandran, Sanjiv and Samelson, Roger M. and Sanford, Thomas B. and Shearman, R. Kipp and Skyllingstad, Eric D. and Smith, K. S. and Tandon, Amit and Taylor, John R. and Terray, Eugene A. and Thomas, Leif N. and Ledwell, James R.), Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 96, no. August, pp. pages, 2014.


Capsule LatMix combines shipboard, autonomous, and airborne field observations with modeling to improve understanding of ocean stirring across multiple scales. Lateral stirring is a basic oceanographic phenomenon affecting the distribution of physical, chemical, and biological fields. Eddy stirring at scales of order 100 km (the mesoscale) is fairly well understood and explicitly represented in modern eddy-resolving numerical models of global ocean circulation. The same cannot be said for smaller-scale stirring processes. Here, we describe a major oceanographic field experiment aimed at observing and understanding the processes responsible for stirring at scales of 0.1 to 10 km. Stirring processes of varying intensity were studied in the Sargasso Sea eddy field approximately 250 km southeast of Cape Hatteras. Lateral variability of water-mass properties, the distribution of microscale turbulence, and the evolution of several patches of inert dye were studied with an array of shipboard, autonomous, and air…

doi = 10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00015.1

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