Oceananigans.jl: Fast and friendly geophysical fluid dynamics on GPUs

(Ramadhan, Ali and Wagner, Gregory LeClaire and Hill, Chris and Campin, Jean-Michel and Churavy, Valentin and Besard, Tim and Souza, Andre and Edelman, Alan and Ferrari, Raffaele and Marshall, John), JOSS, vol. 5, pp. pages, 2020.


Oceananigans.jl is a fast and friendly software package for the numerical simulation of incompressible, stratified, rotating fluid flows on CPUs and GPUs. Oceananigans.jl is fast and flexible enough for research yet simple enough for students and first-time programmers. Oceananigans.jl is being developed as part of the Climate Modeling Alliance project for the simulation of small-scale ocean physics at high-resolution that affect the evolution of Earth’s climate.

doi = 10.21105/joss.02018

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